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What Denselight can provide to our Customers?

Time:2014-08-22 00:00:00

Denselight   CIOE Booth No. 6008

 Test and Measurement - Experience our Ultra Wide Bandwidth SLED’s with high power.  Our premium products DL-CS3159A (1310nm) and DL-CS5169A (1550nm) offer 16mW minimum power with > 80nm bandwidth (FWHM). Our lower power versions (10mW) offer > 95 nm bandwidth (FWHM).

 Ultra Narrow Linewidth Lasers; < 50 Khz, 25 Khz, 10 khz, and < 5Khz Implemented in Doppler Velocity Interferometer Devices, Optical Measurement Equipment,  LIDAR applications. UNLW range of practical wavelengths: 1260 nm, 1383 nm, 1550 nm, 1648/1650/1665 available in CW modes and Pulsed modes.

 OTDR – Narrow Line Width Lasers , 30/40/50mW Pulsed applications for 1383, 1550, 1648 nm.  High Power Pulsed NLW >90mW, 1650 nm

 BODTR – Integrated Light Modules (ILM) with Drivers and TEC Controllers, for CW application – used for strain and temperature measurement (DTS).

 Optical Networks  - See our 1310/1550 TOSA Product line, with and without PD, ranging from 0.1mW to 1.5mW. Our ELED line is characterized by good power density, and good spectral symmetry, for new demanding applications in ROADM Networking and 4G applications.

 Navigation – We offer a wide range of 1550 nm SLED for customers who have demanding navigation system specifications and designs. We offer from 40/25/20 and 10 mW versions of the 1550 nm design with 40nm typical bandwidth requirements. Good spectral symmetry, uniform light coverage 20dB Bandwidth.

 Current Sensing – We offer a wide range of SLED for current sensing application. We offer from 2, 5, 20 mW versions of the 1310 nm design with 40nm typical bandwidth requirements. Good spectral symmetry, high PER. Low DOP version is available in ASE-CW ILM packaging.