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Low cost CSP LED Adhesive

Time:2016-07-12 10:29:12

Company Name: Hojeonable Inc.

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Booth Number: 2L74

Low cost CSP LED Adhesive

HOJEONABLE is professional ESP (Epoxy Solder Paste) manufacturing company located in Korea. We has been developing the mass production of multi-functional electrode materials such as epoxy solder paste or epoxy copper paste, special-functional packaging materials such as epoxy flux paste of thermally conductive past, and filler materials such as Cu of Ag-coated Cu powder. These materials have more excellent processability, functionality and price competitiveness than any other materials.

ESP is the Epoxy-base solder paste, it is soldering material for SMT processes on PCB, material for high power LED COB on metal PCBs or ceramic substrates. This material is available for pin dotting, dispensing and screen printing. ESP’s advantage is as below.

1.Five-free (solvent-free, void-free, cleaning-free, corrosion-free, electrical short-free)

2.Customized formulation (viscosity, curing temp, curing time, Tg, etc)

3.Excellent bonding strength and electric insulation property.